AOC Sport

Who are AOC Sport ?

AoC Sport is the membership organisation for colleges, leading the development of sport and physical activity in 16+ education. We believe that sport and physical activity are essential components of college life, giving students significant advantages in education, employment and health. Our vision is for every college student to participate regularly in sport or physical activity. Our purpose is to promote, support and deliver college sport and physical activity.

What we did for AOC Sport.

AOC came to us in 2020 looking to build an e-learning platform for 450+ students in over 75 schools. They needed a simple and modern e-learning platform that was easy to use and interactive for students. Over 4 months, we created 5 courses width 13 modules and an admin system to review the progress of the students. We are actively adding and updating the content on the platform and providing support for their staff and users.

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